About Us (me)- How this all came about.

RC Airplanes are basically a hobby for me, a hobby that some might say has gotten a bit out of control.

I make my living running and operating a Landscaping business here in Los Angeles California, USA. I enjoy building and flying RC Gliders, in particular I enjoy Ridge Lift Slope Soaring Gliders. I had been pursuing a particularly hard to obtain uniquely designed glider that was very hard to find in that the maker was just a home production shop and not a big brand name mass produced production house type place. The name of the glider that I was after was the Telos.

1.) A True Glider in that it did not have an engine to propell it

2.) but the truly unique thing was that it is a Canard Aircraft in that the (functioning mind you) elevator controls are at the front of the plane before the main lifting wing

3.) and that it is a moldie in that it’s fuselage is Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composite construction (quality, sturdy) rather than stick built balsa wood construction.

The Telos first emerged in the late 80’s early 90’s and was the creation of a very talented RC aircraft designer named Richard Jarel. The name under which the Telos was produced was Jarel Aircraft Design (J.A.D.E.). Richard Jarel made a lucrative living making crazy stuff for movies and commercials; Hollywood types, and so Richard didn’t always have the time in his schedule to make the model kits, and so this made getting a Telos Kit tough. When Richard first created the Telos he lived and operated out of a garage in Culver City (which is near by where I live), at some point he moved to Medford, Oregon (which isn’t so near by). Any way I had been persueing one of these “unobtainium” Telos kits, I managed to get myself onto a waiting list with Richard, when all of a sudden Richard up and decided that for “Health Reasons” Richard was no longer going to be producing Fiberglass Carbon Fiber Resin Composite kits, and that if anyone was interested they could buy the rights and molds and templates and the years of R&D and all of the intellectual property and advertising materials for the Telos, and another plane that I hadn’t even heard of called the Crossbow.
Well Shit or get off the pot, I still wanted a Telos, and I as pretty sure others might be on this magical waiting list that Richard had me on. So I ponied up the $5,000.00 asking price, scheduled a week long visit, stayed at Richard and his wife Tresa’s home, and ate slept and breathed Telos and Crossbow, so that Richard could show me how to make the two kits and remain true to Richard’s original quality and design. Knowing the steps, the why’s and what for’s was of value, and for me the time spent learning from such a master of his craft was invaluable, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I brought all of this mass of stuff back to Los Angeles, where it originally came from, and setup my garage/shop, and began making kits, expecting that they would sell like pancakes… turns out that this magical waitlist that I was on didn’t actually exist, I was the waiting list. I sold maybe a dozen combined of the Telos and the Crossbow that first year, and sold maybe another dozen that second year.
Now keep in mind that I, like Richard, run a business that pays my bills and earns me a living. Making and selling model airplane kits out of my garage, advertising and trying to get the word out about these two kits does not even pay me for my time and when you factor in materials and dealing with the occasional irate irrational inconsiderate, not even understanding the situation, and wouldn’t want to be treated the same way customer, it can be frustrating to say the least, but on the whole of it if no one ever wanted to buy a kit from me I would still enjoy being in the garage making them. So why do I do it ? First and foremost It makes ME happy ! Secondly it makes a majority of others happy, that have bought the kits and appreciate them, and enjoy flying them, as much as I do. I love flying mine and a guy walks up and says “what is that ? I have never seen anything like that. It sure flys well”.

Creative Design

Richard Jarel is the creative genius that created the Telos and the Crossbow, among many many other designs.

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Come on … this is a hobby, a part time gig at best. Don’t be calling me at all hours of the night !

History Of Us

On a sort of serious note… I first got addicted to spending weeks/months building model airplanes, taking them to the field flying/crashing them, in the 9th or 10th grade where after. Getting my first part time minimum wage job i would spend my hard earned minimum wage money on the silly stuff that my parents knew better than to waste their hard earned money on. Been addicted ever very since.
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