Simpler rc gliders are excellent for introducing newcomers to the hobby.

The majority of conventional beginner rc gliders are 2 or 3 channel, with control to either 1.) rudder and elevator, 2.) aileron and rudder, 3.) aileron and elevator. By conventional I mean gliders with a wing, fin and tailplane.

The other most common alternative is the delta-wing type (or ‘flying wing’) and these are common for slope soaring. These gliders are usually just two channel with both aileron and elevator controls mixed in to control surfaces called elevons.

Above: a simple nearly indestructible flying wing type and a conventional glider.

Another less common alternative is the canard type and these are not common at all for slope soaring, but are seen rarely in motorized fighter jet model aircraft. These gliders have what in essence are the elevator (up and down) controls forward of the main lifting wing rather than behind at the tail end of the aircraft, it may still be just two channel with both aileron and elevator controls mixed in to the main wing control surfaces called elevons.

A two channel glider, although simple, can still be a lot of fun on the slope, particularly if it has aileron control instead of rudder. Having aileron control means that the glider can be rolled more easily, and it just makes the glider more aerobatic and fun to fly.
A foam delta-wing type glider is fairly durable, generally speaking, which makes it very beginner-friendly.

The more advanced rc gliders and larger sailplanes can have more channels still, with additional controls for flaps or spoilers, air brakes and even tow line release hooks in the nose and retractable nose wheel.

Simpler two channel conventional rc gliders like the timeless Goldberg Gentle Lady  for example, shown below, are not at all complicated to fly and their design makes them inherently very stable, making such gliders perfect for the novice.

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Flying rc gliders of this type can be a very peaceful and relaxing experience. Typically flying speeds of such gliders are much slower than the speeds of powered airplanes and their stability gives the pilot plenty of time to react. Gliders like the Gentle Lady are very forgiving in the air and won’t punish you for making mistakes !

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